Individual Creativity + Strong Team Dynamic


Individual Creativity + Strong Team Dynamic = Mesh Teamwork

We Break the Rules to Help You Win!

Did you know that workplace conflict carries a $359 Billion dollar price tag for American companies alone? And $37 Billion dollars a year are lost due to employee misunderstanding? 

We've helped industry, government and nonprofit teams improve their operations by thinking outside the box, bringing back inspiration, and deconstructing single points of failure--to win the game with killer team dynamics. 


It's All About Balance

We help you shift the value equation within your engineering team--maintaining the individuality of your high performers while synthesizing into stronger team dynamics, for measurable effects immediately.

Armed with the goals of increasing collaboration and effectiveness, we exist to help you target problem areas within your team and tackle those obstacles in an out-of-the-box way.  We push you outside of your comfort zone, while unlocking creativity and team spirit, for a training that will enhance your effectiveness as a High Performing Team. 



Organizational Leadership Consulting

Conflict and Communications 4-Hour Intensive Workshop

2-Day Leadership Offsite--Culture, Conflict & Communication Facilitation

Strategic Communications Coaching

Keynote Speakers--Leadership, Culture and Team Dynamics






Leaders and team members learn the importance of working together as a clearly defined team with challenging, clear and consequential direction. 

With an increased sense of loyalty and unity, teamwork and communication is enhanced--leading to greater retention rates, higher productivity, and team problem-solving.  




Passionate and credible at the individual, team and organizational level, Daniella Young brings 22 years of experience and unique insights to her training and speaking



About Daniella Young

Daniella Young is Culture, Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach who specializes in helping your team of skilled individuals to build a killer team dynamic while maintaining their creativity.

Passionate and credible in the fields of leadership and organizational culture, Daniella survived a harrowing childhood in a religious cult, before going on to become a Captain in the US and one of the first women to serve on deliberate ground combat operations. Daniella led teams of soldiers and advised high-level commanders on culture, small team operations, and how to deal with conflict. Daniella has spent 22 years living in and learning about strong cultures--how to build them, how they work, and where they can go wrong. Daniella really understands what makes humans tick, and how to build strong teams capable of accomplishing your mission.

Experienced in the government, non-profit and corporate sectors, Daniella is passionate about helping individuals, small teams and large organizations “build the culture for their success”. Daniella delivers keynote addresses, custom training programs, and executive coaching for companies desiring to create a culture of risk-taking, conflict resolution, innovation, strong team dynamics and bold leadership. Her seminars inspire leaders to proactively engage in building high-passion/high-performance teams, strong organizational culture, and a place where individual creativity, diversity and personal strengths are actively cultivated.