TaskForce Art

TaskForce Art


The driving purpose of TaskForce Art is to bring military leadership skills into corporate America, & to help teams to instill the seven building blocks of bullet-proof teams Using Creativity, Outside of Comfort, To Overcome Conflict and Build Collaboration.

Armed with the goals of increasing collaboration and effectiveness, our team of battle-tested leaders deliver creative team building events designed to take your team of expert individuals and mold them into a highly effective TaskForce. 

From leadership coaching to conflict resolution and collaboration, we exist to help you target problem areas within your team and tackle those obstacles in an out-of-the-box way.  We push you outside of your comfort zone, while unlocking creativity and team spirit, for a training that will enhance your effectiveness as a High Performing Team. 



We push you outside of your comfort zone (with interactive challenges to reinforce the concepts), while unlocking creativity and team spirit, for a training that will enhance your effectiveness as a High Performing Team.





We introduce conflict in an controlled environment, where teams are given the tools, constraints and guidance that they need to meet challenges head on, and come up with creative solutions.



Leadership and team members learn the importance of working together as a clearly defined team with challenging, clear and consequential direction. 


Half-Day Teambuilding Workshop: 

•Keynote to introduce the 7 building blocks of strong organizations & how they apply to your leaders and teams

•Seminar to focus on small team dynamics and effective communication & leadership

•Interactive session with embedded leaders conducting creative team challenges that reinforce leadership & teambuilding topics

•Group presentations

•After action reviews and group discussion

2-Hour Icebreaker Event: 

•Time for your team to come together and bond before your conference begins

•Guided painting lesson, to get your creativity flowing

•Discussion of creativity, art, project leadership and business applications






TaskForce Art's seminars and teambuilding exercises are brought to you by local area veterans who have led teams in combat. These leaders will be embedded with each small group of the organization participating in the workshop.  These leaders will help to coach each corporate small team on teambuilding the TaskForce Way. Additionally, corporate leaders are given a chance to assess the way young military leadership might be a good fit to enhance their organization.




About Daniella Young

Daniella Young is a motivational speaker & social activist, and the Founder and CEO of TaskForce Art--a leadership consulting firm. 

After surviving a harrowing childhood in a psychologically horrifying religious cult in South America, Daniella went on to become a Captain in the US Army, and one of the first women to serve in a ground combat role on the Army’s Female Engagement Teams in 2011. Daniella led teams of soldiers and advised high-level commanders on military operations and security.

After her service, Daniella went to work for Microsoft where she focused on corporate operations, small teams and business planning. Passionate about helping organizations develop good leaders and build strong teams in creative ways, Daniella founded TaskForce Art with the mission of Using Creativity Outside of Comfort, to Overcome Conflict and Build Collaboration

With a focus on helping individuals and organizations “find their greatest potential”, Daniella delivers keynote addresses, custom training programs, and executive coaching for companies desiring to create a culture of risk-taking, conflict resolution, innovation, bullet-proof teams and bold leadership. Her “7 Building Blocks of Bulletproof Teams” seminar inspires leaders to proactively engage in building high-passion/high-performance teams, strong organizational culture, and a place where diversity and personal strengths are actively cultivated.